The Roundbrix Model – Projects, Best Practices and IT Maintenance

We are following up as we acquired your information in the Orange County Business Journal. We sent out a postcard of introduction last month, and as President and CEO of Roundbrix, I wanted to get up close and personal.


How is your IT? Feel good about it? Costs under control? Dreading the next “major“ upgrade? Lacking confidence in the systems or internal procedures? Want someone to take a look and audit your systems? Upgrading Exchange? Moving? Website performing poorly?


At Roundbrix, we have nearly 100 years of combined IT expertise. Incorporated in California in 2002, we have survived the economic downturn by focusing on core values. By doing what’s in your best interest, doing it well ,and ensuring true value is always a part of the equation. Roundbrix is a full-service voice, data, applications and web IT house, with both project and maintenance practices. Below are the services we provide.

At Roundbrix, we’ll never rest on having a successful practice. It’s always been about ongoing improvement.


Do more, better, and for less.


That’s the ongoing challenge that helps us maintain the competitive edge. We’re serious about the goals and are both responsive and protective to our clients. When you call, we respond. Not hours later – now – because that is when you have the problem and that is when you need help. In most cases, we respond within 15 minutes and are working quickly to determine if the issue can be fixed remotely for less money, or whether it is in your best interest for us to service the issue on site. One distinct advantage we have as an organization is that we have a maintenance practice, which fosters process improvements into our project practice as a result of real-world experience.


Roundbrix. Serious about your business. Serious about IT ™


So whether it’s something you want help with, a sanity check, or turn key, feel free to give us a call at 949.273.5250.


Ed Leard

President and CEO


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