Don’t Ask Us, Ask Microsoft!

I think the true test of whether an outfit is worth its salt, is when you aggregate data after business relationships are well-established. Then, ask folks how they really feel in a confidential , well-controlled survey by an outside agency, reporting the results to Microsoft.


After all, we may think we’re good, but it’s really how our end customers feel. We decided to publish our survey results for the world to see how well we rate against all Microsoft Partners.


In the survey, conducted this month, 95% of clients feel we’re champions to their cause. The rest of the data speaks for itself. As a matter of record, we have an average customer tenure of over six years. Not bad considering we have been in business since 2002!


The reasons are many, but knowing what the word ‘Partner’ means is what’s key here. Through thick and thin, good times and challenging times, a partner stands not just by you, but with you. Simple stuff like not raising rates during the last few years, or proactively finding ways to reduce the bill without being asked to, or even answering the phone on weekends.



So when selecting a Microsoft Partner, go with one that is willing to share their CSAT scores and aren’t afraid to let you speak to their customers. Call us today and either talk to us or get a callback today. It’s a day of new values and we’re delivering them!




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