What’s New, What’s Hot and What’s Not

It seems that what could be taken away from my 25+ years in technology is simple. I worked the aircraft circuit, Northrop, Rockwell, Douglas Aircraft. Then I worked on oil rigs in the North Sea, the Government of Australia, Unilever, and Yamaha. What I learned here is that companies come and go, as do jobs. The key here is flexibility and adaptability, and knowing what makes business sense.

What is new are technologies. What may be tough is figuring out which ones give you the most bang for buck, obsolescence protection, and total cost of ownership. That’s where we come in.

* Move to Server 2008/Windows 7 64-bit soon. It lets you break the 4GB RAM barrier. It’s time!

* Deploy Server 2008R2, not Server 2008. You cannot upgrade from Server 2008 to Server 2008R2, but R2 is where you want to be

* Exchange 2010. It just gets better with smarter archiving/retention. Like Exchange 2007, this is 64-bit only, best fit with Server 2008R2

* Smarter SEO for web sites

* Windows 7, 64-bit – Although there is a 32-bit version, take the plunge to 64-bit if possible

* Droid. Free to push Exchange e-mail

* GSM phones/Quad-band for international travelers

* E-mail marketing pushes (weekly for sales, monthly for profesional services)

* Google Analytics (free in most cases) to see how your web traffic is doing

* 3G/4G Network Devices

* Blackberry is losing share to the Droid, as the Droid integrates better with Exchange and with less points of failure.

* 32-bit apps

I thought it might also be nice to share what we’re currently working on, so you might get a better feel as to what we do. This coming month, we have two Server 2008R2 upgrades, an Exchange 2010 upgrade, some web integration with 3rd party vendors, Windows 7 compatibility testing for another client. We also recently performed two IP Office system upgrades, and are working on upgrading internet bandwidth for a few more clients as prices, specifically with Cox Communications, are coming down.

Also, if you have any technology questions, feel free to use the “Contact Us” area on our website. We’re here to help!

Ed Leard

President and CEO